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I feel like Clara is turning into what Seven tried to turn Ace into except now The Doctor realises what a fucking terrible idea that was.

Peta Credlin establishes women-only network to support government staffers →


She dreamed of Medical School. She was killed during the recent Israeli airstrikes with all of her family members except 1 brother. Her high school diploma lies on the rubbles of her home. 


She dreamed of Medical School. She was killed during the recent Israeli airstrikes with all of her family members except 1 brother. Her high school diploma lies on the rubbles of her home. 

I’m pretty sure that is period pain radiating down my legs. Great.

And now Klaus is apparently running off to go and save Sunny. In the books of course it is Violet, but I know that Hollywood prefers its female actresses to do very little.
— Lemony Snicket, A Series of Unfortunate Events audio commentary (via literatureloveaffair)

The Chaser’s War on Everything - Boy Band





Feminists have actively opposed male shelters before.

I love how this is such an MRA talking point.

"Oh, we WOULD agitate for men’s shelters but FEMINISTS OPPOSE US!!!"

hey dipfuck do u know how activism works

MRAs HAVE set up men’s shelters and others have advocated for why they are needed, including Erin Pizzey, who started one of the first women’s shelters on the planet. She provided evidence that women could also be abusive, and that men also needed help, and feminists responded by shooting her dog and creating enough death threats to run her out of the country for 15 years. One man, and MRA, for the record, ran the only men’s shelter in Canada for years, but could never get government funding because funding was only available for women. Eventually, he gave his last dollar to the shelter, went bankrupt, and killed himself.
By “oppose” we do not mean “feminists didn’t help us enough”. We mean that feminists committed acts of violence, threatened lives, and made sure that the system was set up so that a men’s shelter is nearly impossible to run, while women’s shelters get billions. 

Trust me, the lack of men’s shelters is not for lack of trying on the part of MRAs. It is because any mention of helping men is quickly silenced, whether feminists have to pull a fire alarm or shoot a dog. Whatever it takes to stop the “horrible misogyny” of giving men a small fraction of the assistance women get.

You’ve mentioned one men’ shelter, in apparently the entire history of the Men’s Rights Movement. Why haven’t MRAs attempted to set up more? Where were the donations from AVFM when Earl Silverman was, y’know, alive? Because they, and you, are sure happy to puppet his ghost as a talking point, yet I don’t believe a single dollar was ever sent his way.

If you can produce a single source that corroborates Pizzey’s claims of dog-murder and bomb threats, I will eat my foot. (Note: I’ve looked. Every source is either directly from Pizzey herself, or is a later article quoting Pizzey. Bomb threats and dog-murder are things that tend to make it into local newspapers).

But you’re missing the larger point: you, and MRAs in general, have no fucking idea how activism works. Have you been following the events in Ferguson? Do you see how the protesters weren’t just like, “but the police are tear-gassing us! Sound the retreat!” They kept protesting, and are protesting to this day.

You want more men’s shelters? Take to the fucking streets. Write letters to your political representatives. Do your activism. Complaining that feminists won’t just hand you all of your political goals on a plate is not activism. Please understand, I’m not discounting online activism: Ferguson is again illustrative.

But all you MRAs do is complain about feminists. That is the extent of your “activism.” And it’s pathetic.

just want to add that the family law system - in Australia at least - takes into account the best interest of the child. Your child support and parental responsibility related complaints do not matter regardless of whether you are male or female if it is deemed to be not in the best interest of your child for you to have contact with them. Men are more likely to be perpetrators of violence and that accounts for a lot of the people who aren’t allowed to see their children.

Last time MRA lobbyists complained about feminist conspiracies and supposed discrimination, we got some seriously watered down domestic violence protections. Family violence was redefined from 2006 to 2012 and essentially removed the use of ADVOs (restraining orders) as evidence of family violence. I think the fear of violence had a “reasonable” component added to it which meant the perpetrator pretty much needed a criminal conviction (beyond reasonable doubt rather than on the balance of probabilities). There was the assumption that women would lie a lot, which is incredibly sexist.

Also in NSW, feminst-run women’s refuges are being closed down and turned into large generic homeless refuges run by large religious groups, which have exactly zero expertise on helping survivors of gendered violence. The fact is, conservative governments in Australia and the UK are defunding women’s refuges, which were fought for and hard won. Homeless refuges in NSW that are starting up are mostly government and church initiatives, and I haven’t heard of any MRA group in my country that doesn’t just hiss those evil feminists rather than engaging in progressive activism and charity work.

I have never known feminists to advocate the sort of flipped gendered violence that MRAs accuse us of. I think a lot of feminists don’t put into practice the idea that both men and women are capable of rape - and that the idea that women are never criminals is a patriarchal one. But that isn’t the same as raping someone and that isn’t the same as falsely accusing a man of rape.

Like I said above, saying that false accusations are common is sexist and perpetuates misogynistic violence, and that’s all MRAs do. 

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